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Plastic Surgery

What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is growing in popularity all over the world. But before becoming a medical tourist, you need to learn about its benefits and risks. Read More

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The Best Way to Transfer Money Between Countries

Are you planning on moving money internationally? Discover the best way to transfer money between countries easily and swiftly. Read More

How to Pay International School Fees

International education is a wonderful thing. Paying for it should be, too. Read More

How to Pay Invoices in a Foreign Currency

How can you pay invoices in a foreign currency? International invoice payments may expose your business to currency risk. Here’s what you need to know. Read More


Aussies lose millions on money transfers

Every year, thousands of Aussie expats send money overseas. New research conducted in Australia by Galaxy Research reveals that 80% of Australians would use a bank to transfer their money.* That may be an expensive choice as more than half of those surveyed are completely unaware that banks often charge a 5% margin on their foreign transfers. Read More

How to Pay for an International Adoption

Are you hoping to adopt a child from another country? Discover how to pay for an international adoption, so you can ensure it will go smoothly. Read More

How To Transfer Money to a Foreign Bank Account?

Do you need to send money abroad? Here’s how you can easily and quickly transfer money to a foreign bank account while saving money on fees. Read More

How to Pay International Contractors

How can you pay international contractors quickly, safely, and reliably? Use OFX to facilitate your international business needs. Read More

How to Save Money on a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be pricey, but if you follow the right money-saving strategies, you can have your perfect day while sticking to your budget. Read More

How to Transfer Inheritance to USA

As the beneficiary of an inheritance from abroad, you might have questions regarding how to transfer your inheritance to the USA. Here’s what you need to know. Read More

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How to Transfer Inherited IRA

Have you inherited an IRA from a loved one? Learn the steps necessary to properly transfer that retirement account and receive your funds. Read More

Pension Coins

Transferring Pension Overseas - Key Considerations

Are you receiving your age pension overseas? We have asked our experts at OFX to share some tips on how to save money when receiving your pension from abroad. Read More

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Sending Money Overseas Advice: What You Should Know

When you’re planning on transferring money internationally, there are a few things you should know. Here’s some helpful advice for sending money overseas. Read More


Transfer Age Pension Overseas | Retirement Planning

Take your Age Pension overseas when you retire – avoid the pension pitfalls and transfer your money hassle-free Read More

Money and Currency

Do I have to pay tax on money transferred from overseas

Are you tired of being hit with extra costs when you need to send money internationally? Learn how to use OFX to transfer your funds without any fees. Read More

MOney Change

Sending Money to India from US

Whenever you’re planning on sending money to India from US, follow these tips. You’ll save money and send your funds securely and quickly. Read More

Euros and Pounds

How to Use Forex To Take Charge Of Your Finances

Investing internationally is a strategic and effective way to diversify your portfolio. Here’s how to enjoy a secure financial future with forex. Read More


What’s the best way to transfer savings abroad?

Are you planning on moving to a new country? Discover the best way to transfer your savings overseas while saving on exchange rate fees. Read More

Wedding Dress

Destination Wedding - Key Considerations

There are many things you need to consider when planning a destination wedding. The experts at OFX share their overseas wedding essentials. Read More

Tax, paperwork

Overseas Inheritance Process Steps

Receiving an inheritance from overseas can be confusing, especially when you consider tax laws. Learn about the inheritance process for clarification. Read More

How to Transfer Money Overseas Without Fees

Are you tired of being hit with extra costs when you need to send money internationally? Learn how to use OFX to transfer your funds without any fees. Read More

Australian Money

How to Pay Online in a Different Currency

You love online shopping, but hate the international fees. Here’s how to pay online in a foreign currency. Read More

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Planning to Retire Overseas with your Age Pension? OFX international money transfer

Many people dream of retiring overseas as they come close to pension age. Here is the list of some popular destination to consider. Read More

Greek Island Wedding

Destination Wedding Trends

The experts at OFX compiled a list of overseas wedding trends from the past few years. Find out how can you make your big day unique. Read More

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What Is A SWIFT Code?

SWIFT codes are 8 to 11 characters long and made of both letters and numbers. You can typically find them on a bank statement or on your bank’s website. Read More